We have two children, Alice and Ben, and a third child, our goldendoodle Heidi. When Alice was a little girl she would tell people we had left her sister, Heidi, at home alone and I would have to explain that it is our dog! Our family enjoys working on our garden, with a focus on diversity, native plants and lots of pollinators. We love exploring the beautiful outdoors of central Virginia and are amazed by the mountains here! Most of my hobbies are centered around nature and art. I love creating and enjoy exploring watercolor, jewelry making and making felted wool art and animals, to name a few!


Since beginning my orthodontic career in 2011, I enjoy continuing to learn through annual courses. I exceed the annual requirements, because I love learning new information and continuing my “schooling.” In addition to orthodontic courses, I take courses in general dentistry as well as alternative health and medicine. For example, I have taken the 9 month herbalism course through Sacred Plant Traditions and love considering how I can incorporate alternative care into my practice. I am very interested in learning about how our facial form has changed over time (anthropologically), considering what is causing bite problems and facial changes (vs only treating on the symptoms) and consideration of airway, sleep and general health and wellbeing. I believe in a team approach to healthcare, and make referrals as needed to the general dentist, oral surgeon, speech and language pathologist, myofunctional therapist, craniosacral therapist, osteopathic physician and other body workers. Last but not least, I have a passion for eco friendly dentistry and continue to incorporate this into the office!

Dr. Camden Brown

Hello everyone! Here is a little information to help you get to know me and the office. I grew up in Hilton Head Island, SC and then Tampa, Florida. After attending UF for college, I went on to dental school at Harvard. Living in Boston and attending Harvard was one of my favorite life experiences! I met so many interesting people that I am still friends with today. The dental school was pass fail and we took all of the medical classes for the first two years, in addition to our dental curriculum. This fostered a lifelong love for learning and an appreciation for considering the whole body and connections between oral health and total health! 


After dental school, I went back to UF for residency, because I missed my family and warm weather! I met my husband, Andrew, who was my next door neighbor. Long story short, he proposed in the walkway between our homes and the rest is history. We got married and moved to central Virginia in 2011 for him to attend grad school for Architecture at UVA. We fell in love with the area and decided to make it our home! 

Dr. Camden Brown´s Education

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