Below are companies that we have found interesting and exciting! This page is not meant to be an endorsement of these companies nor the products or practices they promote, but rather a resource for innovative, unique and eco-friendly companies for you to explore! 

Featured Local Shops: 

The Elderberry

• Apothecary featuring herbal products and other personal care items

• Classes

• Health Consultations

• Apothecary




Rebecca’s Natural Foods

Health food store featuring self care and food products. Excellent bulk section of spices and herbs.



With Simplicity

• Make up and personal care.

• Clean make up.

• Made locally in Harrisonburg. 

• Accepts used containers and ships back to TerraCycle for recycling. 

• Beautiful, relaxing shop



Refill Renew

• Home Products and Personal Care

• Local shop based in Staunton

• Amazing supply of refillable products including shampoo, conditioner, soaps and other home and body care.



Featured Dental Products: 

Risewell - Toothpaste, mouthwash, floss

• Alkaline, pH balancing mouthwash

• Remineralizing HA infused floss

• Cruelty Free with no animal testing

• HA infused toothpaste



Bite - Toothpaste tabs, floss, toothbrushes

• Toothpaste tablets packaged in glass and metal eco friendly packaging

• Plastic free plant based refillable floss

• bamboo toothbrushes

• Cruelty free

• Plastic Free

• Did you know: More than 1 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown out each year?



Grin - toothpaste, floss, flosspiks, toothbrushes

• Fluoride and fluoride free toothpaste

• No animal testing

• Vegan and vegetarian friendly toothpaste options

• Biodegradable floss and flosspiks

• Biodegradable toothbrushes



MI Paste - Toothpaste

Fluoridated and fluoride free toothpaste with Recalcident for remineralization. This can be purchased directly from dental offices.




Plaque HD - Toothpaste

Fluoridated toothpaste with plant based agent that highlights and identifies plaque, making brushing more fun and effective.




Cari Free - Toothpaste and mouthwash

Fluoridated toothpastes and mouth rinse that help balance oral pH to facilitate in improving and decreasing cavities




Coco Floss - Floss

• Vegan wax, coconut oil and aromatic fruit oils make up this floss no toxins

• No animal testing Fun packaging that makes flossing fun subscriptions available



WooBamboo - Floss, toothbrushes and toothpaste

Biodegradable silk floss Package serves as dispenser so less waste.




Goby Electric - toothbrushes

Subscription service Reasonably priced. 



Waterpik Waterpiks

Creates high powered stream of water to help clean teeth waterpik.com Somnifix Lip Taping Lip taping to encourage nasal breathing.



Buteyko Clinic

Resource for breathing technique and lip taping Sell a lip taping product called Myotape.



Featured eco friendly home goods:


• Laundry, dish, cleaning supplies and soaps

• Eco friendly

• Products ship as tablets that you dilute with water

• Did you know: 8 billion tons of plastic trash - that iced coffee you had last week, that toothbrush you used when you were 4 - are still on the planet.

• Cruelty Free, Leaping Bunny Certified



Who Gives a Crap

• Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

• Plastic Free

• 50% of profits donated to building toilets and improve sanitation!



Refill Shoppe

• Home cleaning supplies and personal care

• Certified B Corporation

• Items are shipped in reusable packages that you mail back to the company.






Featured Eco Friendly Beauty: 

Kjeir Weis - Make-Up and Beauty

• Clean, organic, high end make up

• Refillable metal and paper containers

• Beautiful colors and textures

• No animal testing



With Simplicity - Make up and personal care

• Clean make up

• Made locally in Harrisonburg• Accepts used containers and ships back to TerraCycle for recycling

• Beautiful, relaxing shop



Elate Beauty

• Make up, ethical home goods marketplace

• Cruelty Free, Leaping Bunny Certification

• Refillable, plastic free packaging

• Pro tip: The magnetic make up cases can be used with refills of their make up as well as with

• Kjeir Weis, Sappho and other eco friendly brands to make a customized palette



Sappho - Cosmetics

• Vegan and cruelty free

• All ingredients are 2 or under on EWA Skin-deep Database

• Eco friendly packaging with plastic free refills

• Magnetic items can be used with Elate Bamboo Refillable Case



Dirty Hippie

• Cosmetics beauty products

• Eco friendly, biodegradable packing

• Natural ingredients




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