Caring, loving office with a mindful approach health and wellness and a focus on eco friendly practices.

At Camden Brown Orthodontics, our goal is to create a loving and peaceful environment. Dr. Brown has been in practice since moving to Virginia in 2011. Our office is often complimented for our friendly, inviting team and ambience. We strive to maintain a physical space that is comforting and feels like home, while also treating our patients like family.


Dr.Brown has a special interest in whole body health. She enjoys reading about alternative healthcare and is completing a 9 month course in herbalism at Sacred Plant Traditions. Her clinical exam includes evaluating what may have caused bite problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. She has a particular interest in the influence and relationship of tongue posture and breathing on dental and facial abnormalities.


In addition, our office has a strong interest in being eco friendly. Our practices include using reusable sterilization containers for our instruments, limiting plastic products, recycling, digital xrays, paperless charting, using alternatives to harsh and unhealthy chemicals and continuing to research and implement new products and strategies. 

Core Principles

• Create broad, beautiful, stunning smiles.

• Provide a holistic approach and consider overall health and wellbeing.

• Use eco friendly practices and work towards being a carbon neutral office.

• Follow the tenants of conscious capitalism, including: elevating humanity, considering the lives all involved in our business.(including suppliers and factory workers), conscious leadership, and conscious culture 

Experienced office

Dr. Brown’s resume includes:
-Highest honors and a degree in Neurobiology from the University of Florida
-Four years of dental school at Harvard University
-Master’s degree and orthodontic 3 year training at the University of Florida

She has completed extensive continuing education in Invisalign including The Invisalign Master’s Course and The Aligner Intensive Fellowship.

Why should you see an Orthodontic specialist?

An orthodontist undergoes extensive training, will give you the best results and will look out for your well being throughout your treatment. Orthodontists complete dental school as well as an additional 3 year residency and are highly trained in the area of tooth movement. This training provides more individualized treatment planning and more careful monitoring during treatment. If you have any questions about how our options compare to others on the market, please feel free to ask us during your complimentary consultation!